Monday, 16 February 2009


Far from new, this is another young persons animation I've been watching with my daughter recently. While it couldn't be classed as manga, or anime, it is as well drawn as the best of Japanese animation. Indeed, some of the transformation scenes are absolutely beautiful, particularly the "astral drops" sequence. As it's made by Disney, you're unlikely to find it free on the net, but second hand copies on DVD are relatively inexpensive on Amazon.
Both sexes will find enough to identify with in the characters, the five Guardians of the Veil are modern young girls with substantial messages, and the teenage male leader of the revolution is slightly more sensitively portrayed than is usual.
This is less likely to interest adults, despite the strong plot, but for the young it's avery pleasant way to pass a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Here's a link to clips on youtube:

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  1. An occasional bit of Manga is brilliant - have you seen Dead Leaves? A little crazy, but great viewing.


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