Monday, 16 February 2009

The Horror Mall.

"THE HAUNT", at the Horror Mall, is a great place to go online and interact with other fans of scary books and films. You'll find people from all walks of life, with all sorts of hobbies and interests, but all sharing one common delight; the love of a good fright!
If you like horror, in any or all of its various guises, go along and join up. There are profiles for finding friends and networking, if that's your bag, and forums to discuss every aspect of the spooky industry.
For a site devoted to horror, there's a decidely friendly atmosphere, and there's plenty of information available on finding books and films, including lataest releases, in both small and popular presses.
You will have to join to view the site, it's private membership, but as joining up takes about 35 seconds it's no hardship, and the owner is constantly working towards a spam and ad free environment that's relaxed and comfortable for members to browse.
I'm off to post a bulletin asking for information on where to obtain a copy of the original black and white film "Dead of Night", a I can't find one anywhere. See you there.

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