Wednesday, 29 April 2009

All on my own :(

My co-editor Caroline Callaghan is no longer able to help me with the magazine. I would like to thank her for her support and work, and wish her all the best for the future.

Anyone want to be a co-editor???????

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Black Book of Horror Volume 4.....

Is here at last, hurrah!
The latest anthology of hair-raising, haunting, hellish horror from editor Charles Black is now available from his site, here:
If you haven't tried the Black Books yet you really are missing out. With a plethora of top writers creating some of the best horror fiction around at the moment, both classic style and modern, and the delightfully reminiscent Pan Book of Horror stylings, they are definitely a treat for lovers of the macabre.
I like them too!

Category: Writing and Poetry
The Fourth Black Book of Horror is now available.


Soup - Craig Herbertson
Words - Paul Finch
A Cry For Help - Joel Lane
With Deepest Sympathy - Johnny Mains
Many Happy Returns - Carl T. Ford
All Hallow's Even - Franklin Marsh
Dead Water - David A. Sutton
And Still Those Screams Resound...' - Daniel McGachey
Love is in the Air - Gary McMahon
The Head - Reggie Oliver
The Devil Looks After His Own? - Ian C. Strachan
Bad Hair Day - Gary Fry
Flies - Hazel Quinn
Nails - Rog Pile
The Lord of the Law - David Conyers


Very, extremely, awfully,terribly ill...

Argggghhhhh, help, dying etc.
There's been a big gap betwen the latest post and it's predecessor because I've been a bit poorly. Actually I'm still a bit poorly, but I'm bravely sweating over a hot computer whilst awaiting an operation to put me right. Hopefully it won't be much longer, then I will regale you with all the gory details, hee heee.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Current mood: froggy
Metaphorically speaking of course!
Due to the fact that female submissions are at a premium, I've had no choice but to open submissions fully to male authors as well, otherwise it would be a positively anorexic publication.
Changes are going to have to be made. While I will still be rooting about trying to find new female talent, I will be considering submissions from both sexes for the main body of the magazine, rather than just having a men's section.
It will have to be the thinking PERSON's crumpet from now on, hee.
I refuse to feel a failure, if ladies won't submit I can't promote them, it's as simple as that.
I will get round to updating the various blurbs eventually. In the meantime here is the line up for issue three.


CONTROL by Anna Stephens
GHOST by Sue Rule
RUBBISH by Suzanne Jackson
SOLTICE by Franklin Marsh
BEYOND THE DOOR by Benedict Jones

Also verse by Roswell Ivory and Mia Quayle, and art by Karn McCloud and Roger Pile.

More items are expected in from Glen Hamilton, James Stanger, Craig Herberson and Sean Parker, and with that, submissions for issue three are now closed. Should anyone care to submit for consideration in future issues, please feel free to do so, reading is not done at set times.

Coral x

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