Saturday, 28 February 2009

I feel like Half Man Half Biscuit.....

Well, I suppose it's not totally disasterous, but it's not great either!
Issue 2 of TTMC has been reviwed by Pete Tennant on his myspace blog, or rather " ridiculed" would be more apt.
I dunno, it wouldn't be so offensive if it was actually MY work, but to treat the writings of these earnest folks so offhandly is quite upsetting to me. After all, the point is not the snobbery and one-upmanship so prevelant in the SMALL small press, but actually the fiction, particularly first attempts at it.
TTMC is deliberately produced as cheaply as possible, without genre and formatting boundaries, particularly to help induce new writers to get up the courage to submit. It's about getting an audience for these peeps, adding something to their CV, encouraging them to go on to submit to more prestigious publications, not about out-doing the other small press mags.
The stories are "not the be all and end all" , according to mr Tennant, which although disheartening for the authors, is the one fair thing he says, after all, taste and opinion differ. Perhaps another reviewer will find them more interesting, who knows. Most folk I've spoken to so far thought they were mostly good to very good, I just wish they'd put it in writing!!!!!

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