Friday, 27 February 2009

My Daughter's Review / Rebecca Elizabeth Spence Reviews Viva Pinata On Nintendo DS

Ok so, the aim of this game is to run three diffrent gardens, fill the gardens with diffrent type of pinatas. To do this you must fill the required specifications of the specific pinata e.g you must have 80% of your garden land an 20% of the garden water to make one specific pinata become a resident in the garden (obviously the specs change for diffrent pinatas). Once the pinata enters the garden the objective is to feed it the right candys an stop it getting "poisened" by sour candy, until it is ready to "romance". As far as I can gather the main aim of the game is to become a master "romancer" an create diffrent colour pinatas. You can also theme your gardens. I am told it's alot more complex than this but I'm just giving a rough review of what its about.

My mum an my little sister have both been thoughly obsessed with the game for months now an I just had my first go an I can see why they like it, but I wonder about a few things on the game. The first thing is you get two of the same pinatas an feed the both a piece of candy, an then you push them together an they both get little love hearts above their heads, ok so now they are in love how cute; until they then start running towards their house an once they enter the house the house start violently bouncing up and down. I wonder what they could be doing the game calls it "romancing" how suitiable for children with the obvious refrence to sex.
An another thing is such thing as a "sour crawler" comes comes into the garden which the pinatas love to eat, but if they eat it it makes them ill so to stop the pinatas eating the sour crawlers sour candy you have to repeatedly smash the sour crawler in the head with a shovel! No joke, how violent is that? Also if you have unwanted pinatas you smash them over the head with a shovel an you can sell the candy that was inside them.

After all that said I still think its well worth a go (just aslong as you don't let yourself get addicted) LOL. I might add that we have two coppies of this game in my house so my mum an my sister can both play at the same time, as they were both arguing constantly about whos go it was to play.

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