Sunday, 22 February 2009


The History Of The People-Eaters
by Daniel Korn,
Mark Radice,
Charlie Hawes.

This book accompanies a Channel 4 television series of the same name which I haven't seen, but am now going to look out for as I'm fascinated by the written version.
Simply written and laid out in chronological order, from earliest times to modern day, Cannibal charts the social implications of humans eating humans, the traditional , religious and plain "just for fun" aspects. It manages to be informative without patronising folk who may already have some knowledge of the subject, and it explores this taboo of people eating thoroughly and candidly without undue lack of sensitivity.
If you are as fascinated as I am with this trait of human nature, along with all things criminal and taboo, you'll enjoy reading "Cannibal."


  1. This sounds quite intriguing, Coral - don'te recall this being on at all. Any idea of when it might have been shown?


  2. A very good question! The publishers date is 2001, so it's quite old, I'll do some research I think, and let you know x


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