Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Serial Killers-1-Albert Fish

Albert is one of my personal favourites. I usually find the German serial killers more interesting than the British or American, but this guy's a real oddball amongst oddballs! Some facts about Albert that I found fascinating: He had children of his own and he got them to beat him up for masochistic pleasure. It took him nine days to completely consume the body of Grace Budd. When he was x-rayed, he was found to have a variety of metal objects (pins, nails etc) sunk in to the groin region of his body. I don't know if they went in too far and got "lost", or whether he embedded them fully on purpose. The mind boggles!


  1. fucking legend.
    what a fucking inspiration.

  2. The lord of lies is fuckin insane. Hopefully he doesn't end up killing a bunch of people.

  3. children are really tasty, i like little girls more than boys. I find that their premature uterus is really chewy. :)


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